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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Values

At UC Merced, our values move, touch and inspire who we are and what we stand for.

Principles of Community | UC Merced

We affirm the inherent dignity and value of every person while cultivating a campus climate rooted in mutual respect and compassion. We uphold the right to freedom of expression and encourage a culture of dialogue, understanding, and civility in all interactions. We seek to create a campus where a rich tapestry of ideas is shared, collaboration is embraced, and innovation is promoted.

Diversity Statement | Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Statement Local indigenous people, including the Yokuts and Miwuk who understand the earth as a place for everyone, first inhabited the land where UC Merced is located.

Land Acknowledgement 

A Land Acknowledgement is a formal statement that recognizes the unique and enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories.

Declaración sobre la Diversidad | Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Declaración de la Universidad. UNIVERSIDAD DE CALIFORNIA MERCED Declaración sobre la Diversidad. Las personas indígenas locales, incluyendo los Yokuts y los Miwuk, quienes comprenden que la tierra es un sitio para todas las personas, inicialmente habitaron las tierras en donde UC Merced está ubicada.

Diversity Statement | University of California

Because the core mission of the University of California is to serve the interests of the State of California, it must seek to achieve diversity among its student bodies and among its employees.

Policies & Guidelines | University of California Diversity

The University of California's obligation to nurture and maintain a diverse academic community is explicitly called for by UC Board of Regents policy.

Academic Freedom | University of California Academic Personnel Manual

The University of California is committed to upholding and preserving principles of academic freedom. These principles reflect the University’s fundamental mission, which is to discover knowledge and to disseminate it to its students and to society at large.

Faculty Welfare and Academic Freedom (FWAF) | UC Merced Academic Senate

The Committee on Faculty Welfare and Academic Freedom (FWAF) considers and advises on matters related to the welfare of faculty, and reviews and makes recommendations with respect to any University-related issues that may affect the academic freedom of the University Community.

Policy on Prohibition of Abusive Conduct and Acts of Violence | UC Merced

Describes the University’s prohibition on abusive conduct and acts of violence in the workplace, and sets forth procedures for the reporting thereof.

Free Speech | Office of Legal Affairs

The principles of academic freedom protect freedom of inquiry and research, freedom of teaching, and freedom of expression and publication. These freedoms enable the University to advance knowledge and to transmit it effectively to its students and to the public.

Policy on Expressive Activities and Assembly: Protests, Demonstrations, Non-University Speakers and Posting on Campus and in University Facilities | UC Merced

Free and open expression and association, discussion and debate are important aspects of the educational environment and are part of the rich culture and history of the University. The right to free expression and association should be actively protected and encouraged, even where the issues and positions advocated are controversial and unpopular.