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Resources for Racial Trauma


UC Merced Campus Leadership

Chou Her, Executive Director & Chief of Police

President Napolitano

In Solidarity - A Message from UC Merced Library Staff

UC Office of the President


Ceremony of Solidarity and Moment of Silence 


On Monday, June 8, 2020, the UC Merced community came together for a live ceremony of solidarity and moment of silence to honor the memory of George Floyd and all victims of systemic oppression. The purpose of the event was to affirm black lives at UC Merced, across the nation, and across the world. This live event featured various speakers from across the campus. 


Resources Provided by the CALM Team 

We know that meditation and mindfulness can’t solve everything. What mindfulness can do is help us look inside of ourselves to become aware of how racism lives within us and how it is perpetuated through us. In fact, several studies have suggested that mindfulness can reduce implicit racial bias (Link to research). The Calm team has been listening and asking ourselves how we can interrupt systemic racism and show up in solidarity with the Black community. This is - and will continue to be - a work in progress but I wanted to share some resources that could be helpful to share with your community.
1. We have tips for using mindfulness to stand in solidarity with the Black community. Please feel free to share this article or pull language from it to share with your team. How to use mindfulness to stand in solidarity with the Black community 
2. We have our free resource page on our blog. Please share it with your community. No subscription is required to access the programs on this page:
3. We’ve curated a list of Black voices in the wellness and mindfulness space. This is our first push to amplify Black voices, and won’t be the last You can access the list here: Amplify Black Voices.
As always, thank you for being our partner. This work will be the most impactful if we work together as a community, so we look forward to learning together and sharing our efforts so we can truly work to make this world a happier, healthier place. Much needed change is happening and we will be here alongside you.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about anti-racism, being an ally, understanding bias, and other topics check out our curated list of resources:


We also encourage you all to contribute to our list and email with your suggestions.

Stop Killing Black People: An Anti-Racist Reading List

The English faculty at UC Merced stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and have compiled an anti-racist reading list in solidarity. Please read their full statement here:

UC Systemwide Implicit Bias Series

As part of the University's mission to provide public service and advance knowledge, Systemwide Talent Management has made select eCourses available to the general public. The courses help demystify the concept of implicit bias, explaining what it is, how it affects us, why it’s important to counter it, and more. 


File a Report

If you experience or witness an incident of hate or bias or discrimination or harassment, please report it.

*This webpage will be updated as new resources and information becomes available*