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Campus Experience Survey Workgroup (CESW)

Campus Experience Survey Workgroup (CESW) Charge

Consistent with UC Merced’s Principles of Community, we seek to cultivate a campus climate that affirms the dignity and value of members of the UC Merced community and that is rooted in mutual respect and compassion.  One way to examine our progress toward this goal is by consistently and strategically administering campus climate/experience surveys to understand the experience of learning and working at UC Merced.  To that end, the Campus Experience Survey Workgroup has been charged with developing and implementing a strategic plan for collecting campus climate/experience survey data from the UC Merced campus community.  The goals of the Workgroup are as follows:

Phase I: Building the Strategic Plan

  • Decide how often and when to administer campus experience surveys with a consideration of existing institutional surveys.
  • Develop a strategy for reporting survey results to the campus community, including a process for evaluating requests for survey data for research or other purposes.
  • Develop a process for documenting and communicating progress toward campus climate goals, including areas of strength/challenge and actions taken.
  • Charge population-specific stakeholder groups (faculty, staff, students, postdocs) to oversee survey administration and establish responsibilities for reporting to the Workgroup.

Phase II: Annual Review and Communication of Progress

  • Review and make changes to strategic plan and established processes as appropriate.
  • Provide reports and updates on progress to the campus community as appropriate.
  • Review reports provided by population-specific stakeholder groups and make recommendations as needed.

Current Membership

Wendy Puquirre

Co-Chair/OEDI Representative

Cinnamon Danube

Co-Chair/IRDS Representative

Kerry Clifford

Assessment/Survey Coordination Representative

Cathy Pohan

CETL/Non-Faculty Academic Appointee Representative

Jorge Rodriguez-Mota

Undergraduate Student Representative

Shayna Bennett

Graduate Student Representative

Mariana Abuan

Non-Senate Faculty Representative

Nella Van Dyke

Senate Faculty Representative

Mercedes Zendejas

Staff Assembly Representative

Jerrold Shiroma

University Library/Non-Faculty Academic Appointee Representative

Lorene Fisher

SFCA Representative

Fabiola Elizalde

HR Representative


APO Representative


Post-doc Representative


CESW Timeline of Deliverables

CESW Campus Experience Survey Timing Flowchart

Core Climate Areas for all Respondents